Meet our Trustees

Charles Lister OBE

Charles has been Chair of the SEED Trust (previously NGDT) since 2013. He worked at the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority from 2003 to 2009 where he developed his knowledge of the fertility sector. He currently runs training workshops for the civil service and is on the board of Age UK Sutton and the Caldecott Foundation.

Yadava Jeve

Yadava is a Fertility Consultant and Sub-specialist in Reproductive Medicine at Birmingham Women’s Hospital with a special interest in donor gametes, IVF and surrogacy. He is a keen researcher with several scientific publications to his credit. He is an author of several book chapters. His research on miscarriage was widely acclaimed and resulted changes in the National Guideline. He is an honorary senior lecturer at Birmingham University and member of the executive committee of the British Fertility Society leading corporate governance.

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones has acted as a surrogate four times over the last 17 years. She started volunteering for Surrogacy UK as a support worker and membership advisor shortly after her first surrogate child was born, and joined the Board of Trustees in 2014, moving into the Chairperson position a year later. Sarah is passionately committed to surrogacy being non-commercial in the UK and maintains close relationships with all the families she has helped.

Nina Barnsley

Nina is the Director of the Donor Conception Network, a charity that was founded over 25 years ago. The organisation was founded to help break the isolation felt by so many people using donor assisted conception methods. We support people considering donor conception, offering help with the emotional aspects of the often complex decisions they are making. We provide a space to share hopes and fears as well as experiences of talking to children, and family and friends, about how our families came into being. Membership is open to everyone wherever they are having (or have had) treatment and includes single women and men, heterosexual and same sex couples as well as donor conceived adults.

Joanne Adams

Joanne is Senior Andrologist and Sperm Donor Bank Manager at Manchester Fertility. As an andrologist she specialises in the treatment of sperm disorders. Joanne is especially passionate about sperm donation and manages a sperm donor bank.

Gavin Evans

Gavin is Executive Director of Global Blood Fund, a charity helping to improve blood safety and sufficiency in low-income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Prior to joining GBF, Gavin was responsible for the recruitment of blood, organ, bone marrow etc. donors at NHS Blood and Transplant and brings his insights into donor engagement and management to The Seed Trust. MBA qualified, he is also a past president of the US-based Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals.

Anupa Roper

Anupa is a mother of two and a part-time Primary School Teacher. After donating eggs a number of years ago she developed an interest in this area. Since then, she has been spreading the word about donation in the hope that other women will follow her lead. Anupa has also taken part in some research to gather information regarding the way that egg donation is organised and the experiences of other women globally. Through her involvement in the SEED trust Anupa hopes to encourage more people to donate by being part of an organisation that can provide support and information to potential donors.

Dr Meenakshi Choudhary

Dr Meenakshi Choudhary is a Consultant (Reproductive Medicine) and Egg and Mitochondrial Donor Program Lead at Newcastle Fertility Centre at Life. She leads the egg donor program and is also in charge of the new mitochondrial donor program for the world-first licensed treatment for mitochondrial replacement techniques at the Newcastle Fertility Centre at Life. She is passionate about empowering women who volunteer to be donors and give a ‘gift of life’ to several women who suffer from infertility or deadly inheritable diseases. She believes in a ‘donor-centric’ approach keeping the best interests of the donors at heart without compromising the chance of a baby for the women needing these eggs. Her key research interests cover reproductive ageing, ethics and donation. She has numerous publications to her credit and is a global expert giving invited speaker talks at several international meetings. Her PhD research focussed on assessing factors that influence embryo donation and embryo development.

Will Spilsbury

Will decided to become a sperm donor after his experiences in the adoption process and wanting to start his own family. While at university he set up his own IT support firm, which soon progressed into website consultancy, before finally being paid by Google as a YouTube strategic content partner. It was during this latest role that he was invited to join the SEED Trust due to both his experiences as a sperm donor as well as his understanding of social media.

Dr Yau Thum

Dr Thum joined the Lister Fertility Clinic in 2002, having previously worked as a Research Fellow at Assisted Conception Units at King’s College and St George’s Hospitals, London.

He has continued his fertility research in reproductive immunology, including natural killer cells, recurrent failed implantation after IVF treatment and recurrent miscarriage of immunological origins. He has also published widely on his research in reproductive immunology, women with elevated FSH and IVF treatment in conjunction with egg-sharing.

Dr Thum is clinical lead of the Ovum Donation team and is also on the advisory board of Womb Transplant UK.