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If you have embryos in the freezer following your IVF treatment then there’s a very real possibility that you could change someone’s life. Someone who, like you, has been affected in some way by infertility.

Long waiting lists, shortage of egg and sperm donors, medical circumstances and personal choice mean that more and more people affected by infertility would prefer to use existing embryos. Also, some people who might need double donation (egg and sperm) prefer not to create ‘new life’ and if they had the chance would opt to use existing embryos. The difficulty is that although there might be lots of embryos in storage, there aren’t many embryos available for donation. That’s because many people don’t realise they can give their embryos to people who need them.


Without it you can’t make things better and they might even get worse. Whatever the situation, though, you know that you can’t move forward in the way that you choose and that can make life pretty miserable.

We understand that you put so much effort into making those embryos. We also understand that deciding what to do with them when you no longer need them can be a big decision.

Here are some of the things that you could do with them if you don’t want to use them for yourself:

  • continue to store them
  • donate them to people hoping to build a family
  • donate them to medical research
  • discard them.

We can support you in making your decision about what to do with your frozen embryos. How about giving them another chance of life?

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