‘After a stranger helped us, I wanted to give something back.’

My husband and I have a three-year-old daughter born following IVF with the help of a kind and generous sperm donor. After our daughter was born I wanted to be able to help other people experiencing infertility so I began investigating egg donation.

I knew I had responded well to the medication during my IVF cycle. I also knew what it would feel like physically to inject myself and to have my eggs collected – so donating felt like a logical and good thing to do.

It was also a way of showing our gratitude to the sperm donor who had helped us.

Although I was fairly certain I wanted to donate, my husband and I did spend some time talking through different issues with the clinic counsellor about how donating might affect us all emotionally, particularly our daughter.

My donation treatment cycle went smoothly and we recently discovered that our recipient couple is pregnant with twins! I am so proud that out of our own infertility as a couple we as a family have been able to help other people experience the joy of becoming parents.

Why I Became An Egg Donor

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