Why I Became An Egg Donor


‘I feel so fulfilled after becoming an egg donor but even better is knowing that I have given other people hope and a chance to become parents.’

I always wanted to be a mum and am very fortunate to have three children. Two years after I’d had my third child, I saw an advert in my local newspaper – a fertility clinic was looking for egg donors and was holding an open evening to give potential donors the chance to find out more.

It was not something I’d ever considered before but I like to think of myself as a kind person and as someone who is willing to go out of their way to help others. I knew my family was complete and I suspected I had it in me to give my eggs to people who so desperately wanted to become parents. With that in mind, I went along to the open evening.

It was fascinating. I had the chance to meet clinic staff, talk to women who’d donated before and meet patients who’d already made their families with help from an egg donor. By the time I got home I was buzzing! The next day I booked my initial appointment at the clinic and about eight months later I started my first donation cycle.

Becoming an egg donor has fulfilled something in me but even better is that I have given other people hope and a chance to become parents.

Why I Became An Egg Donor

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