“A post-match pint and a big heart transformed my family’s life and the lives of strangers.”

I play football for my local team and when I was having a post-match pint I noticed the coaster my glass was sat on had a picture of a sperm wearing sunglasses on it! Intrigued, I turned the coaster over and it was an advert for sperm donors. I was a bit taken aback to begin with but something about it stuck in my mind. When I went home that night to my wife and two kids I wondered what my life would have looked like if my children weren’t part of it and what we would have done if we couldn’t have had them. I’m just an average bloke but I have a big heart. I felt that if I became a sperm donor I could do something really important and special for other people. My wife was a bit concerned initially but once I’d contacted the clinic and we all had some individual and family counselling they’re now all extremely proud of what we, as a family, have chosen to do.

Why I became a sperm donor

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