Mother. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Partner. Wife. Cousin. Colleague. Friend.

Whoever we are and whatever we do as women, it’s almost as if we’ve been pre-programmed to set out on a lifetime’s journey to be the best person we can be. For many of us, it’s about looking a particular way, dressing a particular way, living life a particular way. Of course, all of those ‘particular ways’ vary from woman to woman.

For many of us our own thoughts, feelings and vision of our true self get drowned out and shouted down because every day we’re bombarded with loud voices about not being enough as we are. About what our ‘particular ways’ should be. About who we could be. Have you ever noticed, though, that all those things always seem to be just out of reach?

Imagine a world where you can forget about all of that. A world where you are already your best self. A world where you already have everything you need within you. A world where you will feel amazing about yourself. A world in which other people will think you’re pretty fantastic. A world where you’re enough just as you are.

Welcome to our world.

Mother. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Partner. Wife. Cousin. Colleague. Friend.

How about ‘Egg Donor’?

“The SEED trust were prompt to reply and the help that I received was excellent.”

Why I Became An Egg Donor

Case Studies