Talking It Through


Becoming an egg donor is an extremely kind and generous thing to do. It not only involves and affects you but also those close to you, your recipients and any children born following your donation. Wherever you are on your donation journey, it’s likely that you’ll want to talk about what being an egg donor might mean to you. Not just now but in the future. Perhaps you’ll want to explore how it might impact on you, your partner, your children or even wider family and friends. Maybe there are some things that you want to explore individually or as a family. Maybe you have some feelings or concerns that you want to talk about.

Whoever you are, becoming an egg donor is an emotional and physical process. And just like you need to see the doctors, nurses and embryologists during your donation cycle to check how your body is doing physically, it’s also great to talk to someone along the way and afterwards about how you’re feeling.

That’s why it’s important that you take the opportunity to see your clinic’s independent counsellor. During the counselling you’ll talk more about the implications of donating, your rights, and the rights of those receiving your eggs and any child created with your donated eggs.

If you have any doubts about becoming an egg donor then talk them through – you won’t be the first or the last! If you decide that becoming a donor isn’t right for you then you can withdraw from the process at any time. Even if you decide not to donate your eggs there are lots of other ways you can help people affected by infertility.