Why Donate?

Almost every day in clinics up and down the country one of our female tribe learns the devastating news that they have very little chance of having a baby without the help of donor eggs. It can be a lot for someone to get their heads around. It can take time. And tears.

There are many reasons why someone might need an egg donor. The female may:

  • have suffered a premature ovarian insufficiency (previously called as premature menopause)
  • have reduced ovarian reserve (that is, reduced quality and quantity of eggs)
  • never have been able to produce eggs
  • have lost the use of her ovaries due to disease, surgery or cancer treatment
  • carry inherited genetic diseases and want to use donated eggs so as not to pass the disease on to their children.

Men who are single or in a same-sex relationship may need donor eggs. 

Those who have received the heartbreaking news that they won’t be able to conceive with their own eggs and then bravely decide to take the next steps are often faced with yet another dilemma: there isn’t an egg donor available for them due to a shortage of egg donors in the UK. This can come as a real blow. Unsurprisingly, these men and women often feel like their worlds are crumbling around them.

You could be the person who changed all of that. You could be their hope. You could be their future.
To meet current demands, over 1,200 egg donors are needed every year from all nationalities, religions and cultures, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

We know that life isn’t all about fairy tale endings but you could be the person who helps re-write their life stories by giving the gift of life.

Why we need donor eggs

Case Studies