Donation Process


From a treatment perspective, your embryos will have been created and subsequently frozen during your IVF cycle. Your clinic will have told you how many embryos you have in the freezer. So, physically, you have done everything you need to do to create the embryos that you will be donating.


Before deciding whether to donate, you will be asked to meet with the clinic counsellor so you can discuss the implications of donating your embryos.


You will be asked to sign the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) consent forms in which you agree to donate your frozen embryos.

Blood Tests

You will have some blood tests to ensure you are free from particular diseases.

Goodwill Message and Pen Portrait

With the help of clinic staff you will be encouraged to write a personal description and goodwill message which will be read by your recipients and any children conceived from your donated embryos.


Your embryos will be matched with your recipient.