Good practice recommendations for information provision for those involved in reproductive donation

One of the key tasks in reproductive medicine is to provide information to patients and donors.

The increase of medical tests, direct-to-consumer genetic testing and other tools available on the internet make it possible for people to gain access to a wealth of medical and personal data, including information on genetic relatives. This has profound implications for everyone involved in donor-assisted conception, and donors and patients should be informed. Also, donor-conceived offspring may turn to your clinic with questions. But…

What information and support should be offered to donors, intended parents and donor-conceived people, in general and in consideration of the availability of direct-to-consumer genetic testing and matching services?

The latest ESHRE good practice recommendation paper provides the guidance you are looking for. The paper provides background information on the topic, and provides clear guidance on how to inform and support donors, patients and donor-conceived offspring.

Do not forget to check out the checklists. Print them and keep a copy!

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