Who are the donors?

My partner and I fell lucky on our first round of IVF and our identical twin girls are now our everything. We knew that we didn’t want more than two children so decided to donate our embryos because we know that there are so many people out there affected by infertility. Donating our embryos is our way of saying thank you to everyone who helped us become parents. A thank you for bringing our beautiful girls into our lives. We’ve recently discovered that our recipients are now pregnant. We’re over the moon for them and wish them every happiness.Kath & Neil
Our twins were born three years ago after five rounds of IVF over eight painful years. Going through IVF once, let alone five times, was the hardest thing we’ve ever done. The cycles of hope, loss and despair brought turmoil and devastation into our lives. It was impossible to plan for the future as we didn’t know what our future would look like.
We couldn’t believe it when what was to be our final round of IVF worked. And, then, we discovered that after all of our waiting and hoping, we were expecting twins! The twins’ arrival has turned our world upside down. They have brought us so much happiness. Our family is complete and we can now plan for a future. A future with the four of us.
We found the not knowing whether we’d ever be a family so hard and we really want to offer some hope to other people. We have three embryos frozen at the clinic that we’ve recently decided to donate. We want to give someone a chance to experience the joys (and challenges!) of parenting. After everything we’ve been through we feel it would be such a waste to leave all that potential life in the freezer.Tom
We had several unsuccessful rounds of IUI with a clinic sperm donor before embarking on IVF. For this, Imogen’s brother agreed to donate his sperm to Mary. On our first round of IVF we created a good number of embryos. Although our fresh cycle didn’t work out, we then had two embryos transferred in a frozen embryo transfer cycle and hit the jackpot – we now have four-year-old boy/girl twins. We donated our other embryos to a single woman who has a one-year-old son.Mary & Imogen
Although we knew that IVF could be tough, we hadn’t expected it to be so emotionally gruelling. After three attempts and our IVF not working out we decided to go down the adoption route. Two years ago we adopted our son and daughter and we really couldn’t be happier. We now look back on our fertility treatment with very mixed feelings. If it had worked out for us we wouldn’t have had the amazing children we now have. We still have some embryos in the freezer and after some counselling sessions at the clinic and chatting through some of the practicalities with the NGDT we’ve decided to donate them – so much love and effort went into creating them that we’d like someone else to have the chance of using them.Clara & David