Who are the donors?

I became a sperm donor in my late thirties. My partner and I had had several rounds of fertility treatment for female issues. We were fortunate enough to conceive our son on cycle number 5. Having treatment was a very difficult and strenuous time for us both. We were very low and our lives were thrown into limbo as we waited and wondered whether we were ever going to become parents. During all that turmoil, I made a vow to myself that if we did ever strike it lucky then I wanted to do something to help other people who wanted children. And so began my journey to becoming a donor.Sam
I heard an advert on the local radio as I was driving to work one morning. A clinic was looking for sperm donors to help people affected by infertility. I’m single and although I have never wanted children of my own I understand that it can be heartbreaking for those who do but can’t. I decided to check out the clinic’s website and then gave them a call. One thing led to another and I passed through each stage of the selection process with relative ease. I was then given the go ahead to become a donor. It means so much to me that I can offer so much hope to people looking to build their families this way.Tom
I play football for my local team and when I was having a post-match pint I noticed the coaster my glass was sat on had a picture of a sperm with sunglasses on! Intrigued, I turned the coaster over and it was an advert for sperm donors. I was a bit taken aback to begin with but something about it stuck in my mind. When I went home that night to my wife and two kids I wondered what my life would have looked like if my children weren’t part of it and what we would have done if we couldn’t have had them. I’m just an average bloke but I have a big heart. I felt that if I became a sperm donor I could do something really important and special for other people. My wife was a bit concerned initially but once I’d contacted the clinic and we all had some individual and family counselling they’re now all extremely proud of what we, as a family, have chosen to do.Sebastian
My sister and her husband were having some fairly serious issues getting pregnant and it transpired that there were some problems with her other half’s sperm. They were quite private about their difficulties but you could see the sadness and grief written all over their faces. It was devastating for them. My parents and I felt pretty helpless – it’s not something that had ever been on our radars before and we didn’t know what to say or do. I wanted to help my sister but didn’t know how to. I did a lot of reading online to try and understand what they might be going through and during the process stumbled across the NGDT’s site and what becoming a sperm donor might involve. Obviously I wouldn’t ever be able to donate to my sister but I could donate sperm to other people affected by fertility issues. It felt like something I might be able to do to show my sister I was on her side, thinking of her and wanting to do all that I could to help. I went through all the testing and counselling and was approved to become a donor – I’d been so nervous that I might get turned down. I started donating regularly. A couple of months later I told my sister at a family BBQ. She burst into tears. She explained that not only was she incredibly moved by my kindness but it was also her hormones – she was finally pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. It was one of those days I will never forget. I’m now an Uncle to my amazing niece. I’ve also recently found out that two families are now expecting babies from my donations. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved as a family.Mick