Have you ever wanted to do something that transformed lives but didn’t know where or how to begin?

Well, we know a magic ingredient that will not only change your life and the lives of those around you but will also make an enormous difference to the lives of complete strangers.

No tricks, acrobatics or rabbits in hats required. We promise.

Want to know what it is? It’s closer to hand than you might think…


That’s right. Sperm.

And seeing as you’re reading this, we need your sperm. And your friends’ sperm. And your relatives’ sperm. Maybe even your boss’s sperm.

You see, ‘sperm’ is the word. The magic ingredient.

Have you got the pluck, courage and determination to see if you’ve got it in you to change lives today?

“The SEED trust were prompt to reply and the help that I received was excellent.”

Why I Became A Sperm Donor

 Case Studies